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Hack Zürich 2021

The Literoom / IBM / Christies – Workshop
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Digitally Enabling Artists #artworldinnovation

Driving digital innovation in the art world

Most artists are unaware of how technology can provide opportunities. New ways to support them in getting their artwork in front of an interested public, to sell/distribute their artworks or to make their life as an artist easier.

Your challenge is to address the challenges or opportunities an artist might face and provide new creative solutions. However, it could also help other players in the industry, like galleries, collectors, art dealers, auction houses, shipping companies, insurances etc.

Still, the artist should be at the centre of your solution.

IBM will provide a technical package to build solutions - Christie's will provide datasets to support the challenge.

The Literoom is a non-profit organization that drives digital innovation for the global art sector and unites a community of individuals, startups and incumbents.